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Minitube Ecoflag AB is part of Minitube, which was founded in 1977 in Trngsviken, in northern Sweden, where the company is still based. We develop and manufacture flagging tapes in a variety of materials and designs. Our flagging tape is primarily used in the forestry industry, but we are also proud to supply both the rescue service and several major sporting events.


We at Ecoflag adapt our products to the customer’s needs and wishes and believe that we know most about how to make a perfect flagging tape.

Although many of our customers are in Sweden, we deliver our products all over the world, for example, in North America, Africa, and Asia.


Our manufacturing maintains a high engineering level, and we work continuously on new innovations. Our manufacturing is highly automated, which gives us a competitive advantage in the international marketplace.


Thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced staff and our control over the manufacturing process, we can offer products of the highest quality with short delivery times and at a low cost. We are proud of our products and have a strict focus on quality assurance.


For us at Ecoflag, the planet is important. The majority of our flagging tape is manufactured in cellulose-based non-woven material, and for the part of our bands that are still made of plastic, we have started the journey towards 100% fossil-free plastic. Today we delivered flagging tape made with over 75% sugarcane, and shortly we will launch ribbons in other bio-based materials.


You are welcome to join us on the journey!


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