Product features

Unique flagging tapes customized for every need


It can be a good idea to print the current logo or other information on the flagging tapes. All our tape can be printed, and we can print on both sides of the tape.


Another option is to print reflective points on the tape to make it easier to navigate in dark forests.


The number of colors we print depends on the material of the tape you have chosen. All tapes can be customized.

Color permanence

We manufacture everything from single-colored to multi-colored flagging tape.


Certain colors withstand the weather better. The choice of color and printing method depends on how long the tape will stay up and in what climate.


Please keep in mind that tape that is exposed to a lot of snow should have a smooth surface so that the snow slides off easily.


On our machines, we can manufacture most lengths and widths.


The most common widths are 20 mm, 30 mm, and 70 mm.


The length depends a lot on the choice of material and thickness; for non-woven, our standard tapes are usually 65–75 meters, and for plastic tapes, 100–500 meters.

Light up in the dark

Our flagging tapes are also available in reflective material

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