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We are launching ecoflag bio™ - our first fully compostable flagging tape!

We have developed a compostable tape that decomposes completely into organic material in nature. The material is based on renewable raw materials and requires neither incineration nor industrial composting.


No microplastics are left in the ground when decomposed, and the tape has a low CO2 value.


We’ve even developed a unique UV protection which means the tape can last in rain, wind, and sun for years, but composts if it ends up on the ground.

Are you interested in some free samples? We look forward to your feedback and are happy to discuss the design and adaptation of your  ecoflag bio™ flagging tapes.


The tape is delivered in 75-meter lengths.



Manufacturing of flagging tapes in various materials for a perfect fit


Approved for the pulp process

Fossil free plastic

Come along on our journey toward 100% fossil-free plastic

Compostable plastic

Naturally compostable in nature

Product features

The flagging tapes are custom made

We produce and adapt each flagging tape according to the customers’ wishes. We can print multiple colors, reflective dots, and the customers logo on all our materials.


Our machines can also produce most lengths and widths. The length depends a lot on the choice of material and thickness; for non-woven, our standard tapes are usually 65-75 meters, and for plastic tapes 100-500 meters.

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Light up in the dark

Our flagging tapes are also available in reflective materials

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